Artichoke & Red Bean Étouffée

Artichoke & Red Bean Étouffée


*Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t been watching True Blood all these years you probably don’t want to click on the links below… they also include curse words and weird sex stuff which might be the two least shocking things that have happened on True Blood over the years. We DO recommend you click on the links to the lemonade and hushpuppies – which will take you to those recipes which are lovely…

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#vegan caramel !!! Just got this fabulous ‘Welcome Sadie’ package from @melsgotocd from Obsessive Confection Disorder !!! With 4 DIFFERENT types of caramel, 2 #candy bars, vegan #bacon fudge and WHITE #chocolate squares !!! I think it’s been about 20 years since I’ve had white chocolate - SO excited! Don’t worry I’ll post more pictures as we work our way through the box! #veganbaby #vegansofig #thisiswhatveganseat #vegantreats  (at Cobble Hill Historic District)